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Frequently asked questions

You may have questions about the services we offer, insurance, appointments, or something else. We have the answers. Read a few of our frequently asked questions below, and if you still are unsure of something, please feel free to give us a call today at 201-796-4070.

New patients are always welcome at our practice. Call Elmwood Family Dental at 201-796-4070.

Both crowns and bridges are used to return your teeth to their desired look and stability. A crown is used when a single tooth is damaged. A bridge is used when a tooth is missing. Crowns and bridges both add stability to the surrounding teeth and give your smile a more beautiful look.

What are crowns and bridges?

Take a look at your smile. If you don't like what you see (discoloration, crooked or missing teeth), then we recommend you schedule a consultation. We can discuss your options so you can make an informed decision about cosmetic dentistry and if it is something you want to pursue. Call today at 201-796-4070.

Is cosmetic dentistry for you?

Usually within a few days depending on the time of day you need and the type of appointment you are seeking. If you have a flexible schedule sometimes we are able to get you in quicker.

How soon can you get an appointment at Elmwood Family Dental?